Innovate old innovation

E-mails arrived decades ago and are part of the day to day work for 1/3 of the population, ever since no one questioned the way we use them and how they impact employees and finances in the long run. SYYS is proposing innovation in the way we manage e-mails. It is simple and 100% data protection safe.

From data analysis to performance

SYYS turns your e-mail routines into data to identify bottleneck and problematic habits within companies communication. We have created and developed a unique tool to extract meta data and help companies communicate better.

Reduces Stress & Improves collaboration

Passed the fear of leaving critical data such as corporate e-mails in the hands of experts, organizations will discover how a few tweaks can greatly improve digital communications and simply simplify the flow. SYYS helps company reducing stress, waste of time and misunderstanding.

Our Process

Through the Audit we will collect data, run interviews, execute analysis, show indicators. Finally you will receive tallied advises and workshop to improve.

Check-up are iterations to monitor impact of changes implemented and if needed corrective measures to maximize improvement.

Kiem Enterprise

Our Tool

KIEM Enterprise is our proprietary tool using APIs to collect data from all types of platforms and building data analytics around the extracted data.

What they say about us

Finally someone is here to help manage the chaos of e-mail communication.

It’s an ambitious, fresh and fun company that has seriously decided to treat poor e-mail communication!


Born from this simple observation that digital pollution is causing way too much stress to collaborators in many companies, SYYS has developed specific services to address this concern.

SYYS is a new technology start-up imagined in Switzerland


Lausanne, Switzerland
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Simply Simplify.